Zectr Ad Impact

How effective is your campaign?
Find out before you launch with Zectr Ad Impact
See how consumers respond to your ads

See how consumers respond to your ads

Rapidly test campaigns to see how they affect revenue and brand perception. Find out how your ads affect who buys your products, what they think, and how much they’ll spend.

Get a snapshot of your consumers before they see your campaign

Get a snapshot of your consumers before they see your campaign

Understand the landscape. Measure current consumer perceptions, preferences, and buying intention by market segment—for you and your competitors

Invest in your ideas with confidence

Craft campaigns that work

Create effective ad campaigns based on data straight from your consumers.

Zectr Ad Impact

Understand the impact of your campaigns.

Zectr’s Ad Impacter uses advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms to help you create better ad campaigns to target your consumers.

Introduction How do I use Ad Impact?

  1. 1
    Generate Experiment

    Generate an experiment with Zectr’s online tool. (It only takes 5 to 10 minutes!)

  2. 2
    Generate Experiment

    Let Zectr conduct your experiment on your target consumers—to find out their ad reactions, purchase motivations, and more—via an online questionnaire

  3. 3
    Generate Experiment

    Let Zectr do deep data analysis on the experiment results

  4. 4
    Generate Experiment

    Get a report predicting the effectiveness of your campaigns along with recommendations

  5. 5
    Generate Experiment

    Choose campaigns that work

Benefits With Ad Impact, you can:

See how your ads impact revenue and brand perceptions
Segment consumer markets and learn each group's preferences
Understand how you’re perceived compared with competitors
Reveal new market patterns and consumer insights to find untapped opportunities

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