Who we are

We are firm believers in digital transformation enabling people to achieve greater things. Our core purpose is to assist with the smooth integration of the latest technologies with our corporate world.

Our values

Our core values embodied by each member of our team include Integrity, Diligence, Accountability, and Collaboration.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide every business decision-maker access to real-time, always-on tailored business insights and strategic recommendations so they can focus on proactive execution to stay or get ahead. Our goal is to bring automation to a market research industry.

Leadership team

Joon Nak Choi (JC)


JC has held faculty positions at Stanford, NYU Shanghai, and HKU, teaching corporate strategy and management consulting for over eight years. He has previously worked as a strategy consultant at Novantas and was the Chief Scientist at Silicon Valley startup AssertID. He received his PhD and Masters from Stanford University with a focus on social network analysis focus, and his Bachelor's degree from Brown University.

Simon Lau


Simon was a former strategy consultant at KPMG who managed go-to-market digitization strategy projects for FMCG firms. Previously, Simon also served as a Senior Manager of Strategy for a surgical robotics startup. He is an avid serial entrepreneur who started his career in finance & sales. He received is Bachelors in Communications from Rotman & Masters in Business Administration from Schulich in Toronto.

Gabe Totino

Chief Technology Officer

Gabe has 20+ years of experience in technical architecture, programmeming, design, and engineering management. He was the Chief Technology Officer and/or Founder of startups including AssertID and successfully exited JadeSail via acquisition. He previously served as a Director at Motorola, managing global engineering teams and began his career at IBM.

Maryna Aleksandrova

Lead Designer

Maryna is one of the first employees at Zectr, where her main focus is to bridge the gap between functionality and user experience. She holds Master of Design (Interaction Design) from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and previous to that has been a part of early-stage startups for 5+ years. Her interest lies on the intersection of psychology and design, and how one can influence another.


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        Founded in 2016, TenX2 has been a core partner for us in expanding to the South Asian market. With partners with c-suite corporate experience in Advertising, Media, and Start-Up ventures, TenX2 has been invaluable to Zectr in contributing to our on-going success.
      With invaluable offerings in public relations, Re-Hub has played an integral role in our expansion into China. Their network of partner media outlets and clients have enabled us to build upon our brand presence and enterprise offerings.