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Zectr is a lightweight web-based platform that is integrable with your existing enterprise software stack. Our advanced analytical platform can support data integrations from third party data collection solutions, or via our in-built surveys.

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Do you have raw data that you need to analyse? Our platform is integrable with alternative survey collection methods and data sources such as phone interview transcripts and feedback forms . Find out ways we can integrate and analyse your data to provide efficient and robust analytical reports.



Our report templates are built from experience working with clients, harnessing the best practices in market research for multinational corporations. That being said, you can drag-and-drop our analytical modules to generate fully customisable report templates that best suit your enterprise needs.



We publish and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in data analytics from academia, market research, and consulting, integrating the best practices into our system. Our platform gives your international teams access to the latest advancements in data science, with no need for developing that expertise themselves.

"Discovering and automating the best of business analytics is a core focus for us at Zectr."
Joon Nak Choi, Ph.D. (Stanford, 2010) & Founder

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